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My 5 Favorite Figurative Artists After 40 Years in the Art Business

As a great admirer of figurative art, and having sold, published and curated countless exhibitions of figurative painters, I wanted to share my admiration for those I believe to be among the greatest figurative artists of all time. These important painters of the 20th and 21st centuries have contributed significantly to art history in a way so many painters can only dream of achieving. These are some of my absolute favorites. I hope that you will enjoy viewing their work as much as I do, along with so many admirers and collectors worldwide.


1. Norman Rockwell

There is no greater American illustrator/artist than the international master painter Norman Rockwell. Famous for his cover art on the Saturday Evening Post for more than two decades, Norman Rockwell is in important private and museum collections around the world.

Norman Rockwell Painting titled Art Critic

Norman Rockwell's Painting "Art Critic"

Norman Rockwell in the Studio

Norman Rockwell in the Studio


2. Vicente Romero

Vicente Romero Redondo is a Spanish-born artist who resides and paints in one of the most beautiful places on earth—Costa Brava, located 45 miles north of Barcelona, Spain. His breathless pastel paintings are reflective of his great genius. Vicente stands out as one of the greatest pastel painters of our time. His women are extremely beautiful—often set in exotic Mediterranean locations, adorned in delicate attire and illuminated to perfection. 

Vicente Romero Pastel Painting titled Rest

Rest by Vicente Romero

Vicente Romero in the Studio

Vicente Romero in the Studio Painting "Catalonian Coast"

3. Olivia De Berardinis 

This is the remarkable and distinctive “Queen of Pin-up Art,” Olivia De Berardinis. Olivia painted every month for Playboy magazine in its prime and has held countless one-women exhibitions. An extraordinary talent, Olivia is collected across the globe—a genuine gift to the pin-up art genre.

Bettie Page by Olivia

Olivia De Berardinis in the Studio

Olivia De Berardinis in the Studio

4. Pino Daeni

Pino Daeni was an Italian-born book illustrator and artist. He is best known for his feminine women and strong men placed in very romantic settings. The artwork shown below is of a mother and daughter, Pino was keen to recreate the beautiful love between mother and child. Considered one of the highest-paid illustrators of the 20th century,  his talent is remarkable.  Like the others, his work is collected worldwide.


Pino Daeni painting of a Mother and Daughter

Pino Daeni Painting of a Mother and Daughter

Pino Daeni

The Artist Pino Daeni


5. Mel Ramos

Mel Ramos was a legend in the world of pop arts. He painted beautiful nude women in unusual poses with iconic images of women and popular consumer products.  As he was quoted saying “I make sure that my pictures are not too erotic and that they always have a trace of humor,” he said of his work. “I make sure they are ‘in good taste.’ Either you understand it or not.” He was also a great painter of iconic super-heroes of the 1960s through the end of the millennium. His work is in every major modern art museum in the world.

Mel Ramos Painting Lady with Coca Cola Bottle

The Artist Mel Ramos

The Artist Mel Ramos 

Thank you for reading this article I hope that you enjoy the work of the artists that I shared. You can explore the work of my new venture with brilliant pastel painter Vicente Romero by clicking the link below. 

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