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Vicente Romero

The Art of Life and Light

Vicente Romero Redondo has captivated millions of people around the world with his remarkable insight and talent. The translucence of fabric, the shimmering waters and the capturing of a single moment in time sets him apart.

Vicente was born in Madrid in 1956, and he quickly gravitated toward art as he filled gaps in school time with his sketches. His formal art training came in Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando, where Salvador Dalí studied, albeit ever so briefly. While Vicente’s academics began in sculpture, they quickly moved to painting, which he mastered on his way to graduation.

While he paints with both oil and pastel, his pastels have become his trademark. Ever so delicate, he can coax details from the medium that envelop viewers’ imaginations. His lightness and light invite emotional reactions of calm enjoyment and appreciation.

His challenge has been that so few people can acquire his works, because of the time and effort he infuses into every one of his masterpieces.

That has now changed. Not because of a lowering of his standards, but because he is authorizing exclusive limited editions to be produced. Each will be personally signed by Vicente, both on the face of the print and on the reverse, meaning that every print will have an original signature, and will therefore be unique. Each will be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity, also with the signature by the hand of Vicente.

These prints will be made in the highest caliber giclée methods on archival, acid-free Anasazi canvas, stretched onto wooden bars, to ensure they can not only be enjoyed throughout your lifetime, but also the lifetimes of your grandchildren and indeed, your great- grandchildren.

Because these are authorized limited editions, once they are gone, there will never be another ownership opportunity.

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