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Still Life Bottle Paintings by Vicente Romero

Figurative Art of Vicente Romero

Vicente Romero is a world-renowned figurative artist who typically paints amazing scenes with beautiful women wearing delicate colorful clothes in romantic locations. His soft pastel painting techniques exude subtlety and nuance, as he carries the viewer to a more tranquil world. 

Vicente Romero Figurative artwork

Joy by Vicente Romero

Still Life Bottle Paintings

While the overwhelming majority of Vicente Romero's art is as was just described, elegantly-clothed women in romantic locations, there are a few exceptions—very few.  One of his most noteworthy exceptions is his famous work, “Bottles that Illuminate the Night.”  This amazing pastel painting is a still-life, an even rarer example that showcases the scope and depth of Vicente Romero's talents.  The subject is a series of bottles of fine alcohol placed on a bar, utilizing a light source that allows the bottles to sparkle brilliantly as their contents warmly glow.


Still life Bottle painting by Vicente Romero

Bottles that Illuminate the Night

This masterpiece is mesmerizing for entirely different reasons. This work, perhaps more than any other, showcases Vicente’s true artistic genius and unmatched talent.  His use of glass, light, and liquids of varying colors is spectacular. Viewers stand in awe as they realize that he actually used pastels to create such a realistic and spectacularly colored painting. 


Still life painting of bottles by Vicente Romero


While they cannot drink from the bar, they can drink in the gift he shares with everyone who has the privilege of viewing this wonderful scene.  This is pastel art at its very best.


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