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What makes our Limited Edition Hand Signed Artwork Archival

Archival Materials

What sets Vicente Romero apart is his unparalleled use of light and luminescence. His ability to capture, and then transform the most fleeting of moments in order to make them last for centuries is a rare gift.

If the material that Vicente Romero's art is printed on is not of the highest quality, the print itself will be as fleeting as that initial moment in time. That is why only the most premium materials are used for our giclées, thereby allowing Vicente’s art to last many generations. When art is produced in this manner, only “archival” materials can be used, meaning that everything that touches the art is acid-free and pure. Artificial optical brighteners and whiteners are never used specifically because while they may look great initially, they will not last. It would be impossible to print heirloom giclées that last for centuries if the material they are printed on will not.

Two very different mediums are available. The first is a top-grade, archival Anasazi canvas, stretched over wooden bars, just like the highest-quality original pastel or oil paintings. This pH-neutral material can be stretched without cracking or tearing and showcases Vicente’s art to perfection.

Vicente Romero limited edition print on Canvas

A Quiet Afternoon by Vicente Romero Limited Edition Print Canvas 

 The second is also ultra-premium, but on a very deluxe, heavy stock, archival German Hahnemühle paper. It is a rare company that can boast its founding more than 435 years ago, yet Hahnemühle was indeed begun in Germany in 1584. To say that they owe their longevity to their outstanding quality is an understatement, as they are world-renowned as being the standard-bearers in the production of very fine artistic paper that can literally stand the test of time. Hahnemühle has blended modern technology with their centuries of expertise to turn the highest-quality pulp into papers that perfectly showcase the art with which they are adorned.

In the case of the paper, the surface is richly textured and the edges are “deckled,” meaning that the paper has the look of being handmade, with the sort of rough edging that was evident on paper having been produced those hundreds of years ago. The effect is stunning, and when framed, creates a show-stopping look.

Vicente Romero Limited edition print on Hahnemühle paper


Looking at The Future Limited Edition Print on Hahnemühle paper

In either case, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the original Vicente masterpiece and the limited-edition print!

The results speak for themselves—they are astounding!


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