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The Authenticity of Vicente Romero Limited Edition Art

To guarantee the authenticity and monetary value of the limited edition prints you purchase from Artist-Authorized several crucial steps are taken. First, every authentic work is hand-signed by Vicente Romero. In the case of those on canvas, they are signed in paint on the face, using a brush, and also ink hand-signed by Vicente on the back. In the case of works on paper, they are signed on the front in pencil, again by Vicente’s hand.

Vicente Romero hand signed limited edition print on paper

Looking at the Future  Limited Edition Print on Paper

Vicente Romero limited edition print of Catalonian Coast on Canvas

Catalonian Coast Limited Edition Print on Canvas 

All of these works are limited-editions, meaning that once they are sold-out, there will never be more produced. In order to know that your art is authentic, you must receive a unique number on your art. With the canvas pieces, they are numbered alongside Vicente’s signature on the back of the art, and with the paper, they are numbered next to Vicente’s pencil signature.


Vicente Romero Signature

 Vicente Romero Signature on Paper Limited Edition Print
Vicente Romero Signature on Giclee Canvas

 Vicente Romero Signature on Canvas

Vicente Romero Signature on Back of Canvas

 Signed and Numbered on the Back of the Canvas Print By Vicente Romero

 The final key is a Certificate of Authenticity. This document is the final part of the process that guarantees that you, and your heirs, have a real Vicente Romero artwork. The certificate provides you with the number and size of the limited edition, the location and year of production, along with the title, size and medium on which the work was produced. There are two other components of paramount importance: Vicente’s hand-written signature and Artist-Authorized Fine Art’s embossed stamp. Neither of these can be copied.

Vicente Romero Certificate of Authenticity

Vicente Romero Certificate of Authenticity

Vicente went to extraordinary lengths to produce great art, and the authentication process has gone the extra mile to ensure that your investment will stand the test of time. Please be certain to keep the Certificate of Authenticity in a very safe spot, as it is the document that will allow you to sell the art as authentic, or more likely, for your heirs to know just what they inherited!

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