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Vicente Romero—Figurative Art-And Capturing the Beauty of Life

Vicente Romero has been described as being a world-renowned figurative artist, but that term is subject to great interpretation. On the one hand it can be used to distinguish art from abstract art, but it can also be used to distinguish it from modern realism.  Some experts use “figurative art” synonymously with “expressionism”. Others occasionally use it to mean any art that uses the human figure as its subject matter.

Vicente Romero, Figurative Art, Pastel Painting, Titled Rest

Vicente Romero's Figurative Art and Romance

Pablo Picasso, the 20th century master whose art managed to add the word “cubism” to everyone’s vocabulary, once commented that “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.” Yet when it comes to Vicente Romero, there is no removal of reality. Indeed, his amazing ability to capture a single moment in time is precisely what makes his work so appealing. His art invites the viewer to vicariously place themselves in the scene, thereby creating an oasis in which one escapes into the romantic and beautiful world of Vicente's artistic vision.


Vicente Romero Pastel as the Medium of his Art

When Vicente uses his soft pastels (pure pigment with only enough binder to hold the pigment together), he creates an incredibly rich and indescribably gorgeous pastel painting. When he paints a woman, her skin is so well rendered that the viewer can be not only dazzled by the soft pastel work, but can virtually feel her soft skin. The same thing is true of the fabrics that miraculously allow light to penetrate—silks appear to be just as smooth and soft. Flowers can almost be smelled and the ocean breezes can be cooling on even the hottest days.

Vicente Romero's Pastel painting of beautiful women and landscape

Vicente Romero and Pino Daeni--Figurative Art Masters

Spaniard Vicente Romero has often been compared with Italian Pino Daeni (1939-2010), another amazing figurative artist. Both capture alluring scenes in a very romantic style, though Daeni’s works are more representational and Vicente’s are more realistic.


Pino Daeni Dreaming in Color


However, the two artists could well be related as there is great commonality in their subject matter and styles. Among their similarities, both overwhelmingly paint women in gorgeous settings—and both very rarely paint men—as Vicente recently did with his Looking at the Future, a stunning portrait of an older gentleman friend. And not terribly dissimilar from one done earlier by Daeni.



Vicente Romero Looking at the Future


Pino Daeni Old Man oil painting

Pino Daeni Old Man Oil Painting


Without a doubt, Vicente Romero is one of the the current master of figurative art. We are honored to to share his art with the world. 


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