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Vicente Romero Giclée Art on Canvas

Vicente Romero went to great effort to produce amazing pastel paintings, which represent the very essence of subtlety and nuance.  Whether the viewer backs up to take in the entire scene, or comes in with a magnifying glass to see the tiniest details, the end result is being awestruck.  The level of vision first, then skill to execute that creative vision, is beyond belief.

Vicente Romero Giclee on Canvas

So each giclée limited edition print is produced on the finest materials in order to showcase Vicente’s talent—fine linen canvas or imported German Hahnemühle paper.  But that is not where the story ends.  Once the canvas pieces are ready, they are stretched onto custom-made wooden bars, either ¾” or 1 ½” thick.  Even this step demands great care, and professional skill in order to produce an end product that exudes the premium grade shown by Vicente in his art.

Back of Vicente Romero Giclee on Canvas

Artist-Authorized Fine Art goes the extra mile in terms of the way the corners and back are finished.  Whereas many people simply fire staples in the back on the basis that people don’t look at the back of hanging wall art, Artist-Authorized Fine Art makes the back look fully finished.  Corners are very carefully cut, tucked and secured, and the staples running the breadth and length of the stretcher bars are nearly invisible as they are shot into a custom groove along the bars.

Corner of Vicente Romero giclee on CanvasCorner of Vicente Romero Canvas Giclee

Everything is top-quality, from the acid-free materials to the stainless-steel staples, to the tiniest details, in order that after several hundred years, people will still love looking at the timeless art of Vicente Romero.

Framed Canvas Giclee by Vicente romero

Catolonian Coast by Vicente Romero Framed


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