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Serenity Portfolio

Serenity Portfolio

The hallmark of modern life is the pace with which it occurs. Change is not simply constant, it is ever-increasing in speed and scope. So much of the essence of life is now hectic, with little time for the things that ultimately set us apart as humans. With the impact of the “big things” in life, there is seemingly no time for the “little things.”

Distances are measured in minutes or hours. Deadlines are ubiquitous in personal and professional settings. Schedules are increasingly harried, where double-booking is all too common.

Enter Vicente Romero. His art is so universally-acclaimed and appreciated because it represents a respite from modern life. He captures the very heart of calmness. His peacefulness is all-encompassing. Adding a Vicente work to a home or office creates an oasis that wholly separates the viewer from the rat-race of normal life. Owners drink in the beauty Vicente captures so eloquently, and then they feel their composure return in a measure that allows them to feel rejuvenated.

And that is the definition of Serenity.

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