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Artist-Authorized Fine Art

Artist-Authorized Fine Art is a visionary company devoted to bringing the highest-caliber limited editions to discriminating clients—while supporting and protecting the artists whose work we feature.

We use the most inspiring artists, showcasing their most amazing talents.  In doing so, we must use the finest materials at our disposal.  Two very different materials are available. The first is a top-grade, archival Anasazi cotton canvas,  just like the highest-quality original oil paintings.  These works are then finished by hand with two silk screen coats of Varnish—which brings the art to dazzling life.  The richness of the colors and the highlights of the textures are unmatched, to the point that when held side-by-side with the original works, the two are virtually indistinguishable.

The second method also can only be appreciated properly in person.  These works are produced on wonderfully rich, top-of-the-line, heavy stock, archival Hahnemühle paper imported from Germany. The paper edges are “deckled,” meaning that the paper has the look of being handmade, with the sort of rough edging that was evident on paper having been produced hundreds of years ago. The effect is stunning, and when framed, creates a show-stopping look.

Furthermore, every work we feature is hand-signed by the artist.  On canvas, they are signed both on the face of the art, in paint, and in pen on the reverse, alongside the edition number.  On paper, each work is signed in pencil on the face.  All works feature a Certificate of Authenticity, hand-signed by the artist.

We work so hard to use the finest materials because the artists went to extraordinary lengths to capture a single moment in time to be preserved for all time.  Our mission is to create art that people will not only enjoy for the rest of their lives, but pass on to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

We welcome you to explore our offerings as we are certain that everyone will find something they fall in love with, thereby enriching their lives—and those of future generations, even those yet unborn.