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Still Life Bottle Paintings by Vicente Romero

While the overwhelming majority of Vicente Romero's art is as was just described, exotically-clothed women in romantic locations, there are a few exceptions—very few.  One of his most noteworthy exceptions is his famous work, “Bottles that Illuminate the Night.”  This amazing pastel painting is a still-life, an even rarer example that showcases the scope and depth of Vicente Romero's talents.

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My 5 Favorite Figurative Artists After 40 Years in the Art Business

As a great admirer of figurative art, and having sold, published and curated countless exhibitions of figurative painters, I wanted to share my admiration for those I believe to be among the greatest figurative artists of all time. These important painters of the 20th and 21st centuries have contributed significantly to art history in a way so many painters can only dream of achieving. These are some of my absolute favorites. I hope that you will enjoy viewing their work as much as I do, along with so many admirers and collectors worldwide.

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Vicente Romero—Master of Pastel Artwork

Spanish figurative artist Vicente Romero is a master of oil painting, but it is his ability to use pastels that truly sets him on a pedestal. He coaxes out the very essence of his subjects’ souls through his pastel paintings as they leap from his easel, having been blessed with their first breaths of life.

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